Letter of Support from Commissioner Karen Lerner (ret.)

The typical voter does not have much contact with our court system. As a result, most voters have not had the opportunity to develop a sense of what qualities it takes to excel as a superior court judge. As a former practicing attorney and superior court commissioner, I worked with many impressive elected and appointed … Continued

Campaign Videos

Get to know Judge Laura Riquelme and more about why she is the more qualified candidate for Superior Court in several short videos.  Learn more about her background and experience, as well as why supporters are voting to  Keep Judge Laura.  Tambien hay video en español.   Judge Laura Riquelme introduces herself and why she … Continued

Community Members Voice Support for Judge Laura

Judicial races matter for our community and in the lives of regular people. Most individuals will have contact with the court system at some point in their lives, whether through their own personal experience or a family members. Below are just some examples of why individuals from all over Skagit County are choosing to vote to … Continued

Judge Riquelme in the Media

Below are links to some additional resources to learn more about the work Judge Riquelme is doing and why she is running to retain her seat on Skagit County Superior Court. In Writing: In a questionnaire for the Skagit Valley Herald, Judge Riquelme answers what she thinks the biggest challenge is for our courts today … Continued

Taking Time for Our Youth

Judges need to be connected to the communities they serve while also contributing to the public’s knowledge and understanding of how the court system works.  Judge Laura is dedicated to being an ambassador of the courts, particularly in terms of connecting with local youth. This work began in 2016 when Judge Laura hosted student groups … Continued

August/September Updates

The campaign is taking a moment to reflect on all the things as we transitioned from summer into fall. Doorbelling: Most people want to get a feel for the candidates before casting their votes, which is why Judge Laura and various volunteers have been out doorbelling at every opportunity. We have been knocking on doors … Continued

July Campaign Update

Since the kickoff event in May, the campaign immediately got to work placing yard signs, attending endorsement meetings and reaching out to voters through meet & greets, parades and other community events. Of course, this is all while Judge Laura continues to put most of her time and energy into her position in Superior Court. … Continued


The most family-friendly events of the campaign have been the parades.  We are so grateful for the supporters who came out and the good weather we had when we marched.  Everyone had a great time riding or marching, handing out pens and candy, and talking to people throughout our community. So far, our parades have … Continued

Signs are Here!

                It’s easy to get involved by putting up a sign. Yard signs are great in neighborhoods, in front of office buildings or on corner streets. Our bigger signs are also available to be put up along busy highways or high traffic areas. If you would like a … Continued

Students Participate in Mock Trial

Judge Laura presided over a successful mock trial for students from Mount Vernon, Bellingham and Arlington as part of her commitment to educate individuals on the role of the court. … Read More

It's official! I was sworn in this afternoon to the term to which I was elected. I am honored to have your support and will do my best to live up to the trust you have put in me. Videos are in the comments. ... See MoreSee Less

Its official! I was sworn in this afternoon to the term to which I was elected. I am honored to have your support and will do my best to live up to the trust you have put in me. Videos are in the comments.


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In case anyone is really interested, here are two videos my husband shot during and immediately following the ceremony.

I should have added this as well. We had a great crowd (someone counted 98 people) for what I initially hoped would be a small, private ceremony.

What an encouraging example of community engagement with a rewarding result. Thank you, Judge Laura, for all your hard work and dedication to strong, humane leadership. Thank you to thousands of voters who noticed.

Sorry I missed this one but so glad Richard took the video and you shared it.

Congratulations! So happy to have the pleasure to work with you!

Sad I missed it! Had to teach. A wonderful photo, and an amazing thing for our county that you’re here serving 🙂 thanks Judge Riquelme! 🙂

I wish we could have been there to celebrate with you, so proud of you and the way you ran your campaign. Congratulations, Judge Riquelme!

Congratulations! Honored to know such a strong, inspiring person!

So proud of you and your campaign. You will be so great. Thanks for your service.

Sorry I missed it. Really wanted to be there. Great work Laura.

Congratulations! I knew you had this! So happy for you

Congratulations so happy about this🤗

Laura - congratulations. SO glad for your commitment to justice in our community. Wish I could have been more actively involved. I was out of town until last night.

And I was honored to be there! Congrats, Judge!

Fantastic! You will do such a good job....they are fortunate to have you, Laura!

Congratulations Judge Riquelme!!

Congrats Judge Riquelme.

Bravo Laura Quelle grande et belle mission Je te félicite et t'embrasse

Congrats Laura so happy for you and our community!!!!



Estoy tan feliz muchas felicidades 😊😘

Hooray!!! Congratulations, Laura!


Congratulations, Laura!

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